Yet another Introduction

I realised, as I was crafting a new post for Flight and Fire, my pagan blog in the hatchling phase, that what I was writing really didn't fit there. It needed to go somewhere else, somewhere in which I don't feel quite so bad for flitting from subject to subject on any given day.

Welcome to my flitter blog, where subjects will range and will do so with very little warning. It's going to be a random, ecclectic place, more about me than spirituality, though there'll be spiritual stuff, too. If you've ever had a blog your family and friends know about, you'll know that sometimes it means choosing between honesty and being nice. It's hard to say 'I'm upset about x' when the person who upset you is reading along. It's hard to be honest when it can start a slinging match in a public setting. In the spirit of honesty, I do have a 'personal' blog already. But it's not really that personal, more like a heavily edited mask I wear in order to keep everyone else happy. Likely, that's why I haven't touched it in months. But here, here is where the adventure will really happen. Here is where I will be open and honest and work towards things. Hopefully when I look back at this blog at the end of the year I'll find myself a different person than the one I am now.

Fingers crossed.

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