Tim Minchin and his Orchestra

Sorry for the post flood, but my computer died and I'm borrowing my friend's while she sleeps.

Because the theme of the blog has been a bit, well, depressing, lately, I wanted to post a happy thought.

Recently, I got to see this:

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Very, very amazing. I've mentioned Tim Minchin before. He's an Australian comedian who plays the piano like it should have a health warning, an evil streak, and a turn of phrase that leaves me speechless. He is one of my heroes. As much as I adore him, though, if you find yourself easily offended by someone who happily points out the flaws in your beliefs, he is someone to avoid like the plague.

I loved this show. Hard. It's one of those performances you have to see to believe. My inner photographer was overwhelmed by how many times I wished I had a camera: the orchestra bathed in purple light, Tim and his piano in aqua made me wish I could draw well enough to at least capture the feeling of the moment. The visual aspects of the show were beautiful, and the music was divine.

I can't remember ever having seen an orchestra perform before, and wow. I want to see them perform again, not just modern music but classical as well. I'm fascinated by the sounds, by the richness of the music an orchestra creates. I could cheerfully spend days listening to them. To hear 'Not Perfect', which was already one of the most beautiful songs I'd ever heard, made somehow more beautiful? Heaven.

I can't wait until this comes out on DVD.

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